They have flown the coop..

Yes, the chicks are flying.  Every chance they get.  It must be the good food and sunshine my feathered friends get,  and the fact that I opened the door of their tractor to let them explore.

Off in the woods they went yesterday, but I could hear them cooing and clucking away, scratching under all those trees.  Good greens and a bug or two I bet.  They came back when called easily, in their little ‘pack’ chattering amongst themselves.  Their run includes a waddle type movement which does look funny when they all come in your direction at once.  Their curiosity is closely linked to what a kitten’s is as I remind myself it isn’t so much me they are running to but what they think I might have for them.  Even cleaning their roosting area can be an adventure when they hop in and out and around to check out what I am doing.

It only seems like yesterday..


In the very near future they will start roosting in the barn.  It will be painted and clean, with several nesting boxes and places to literally hang out.  There is electricity in there now so that I will have more than a flashlight to see and a way to set up warming bulbs in the cold days of winter.

I included my cat here rolling on the deck.  He actually smiles when he does it.   The flowers in the box are growing via Trenton, and the bee balm spices up the whole area with its fragrance.

I hear thunder in the distance and we are to have rain.  At this moment all dozen of the ladies  are tucked into their coop for the evening.

Me  too.



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