Adding some light in

I am thrilled over a new window.

It lets some light in.

With still a little work to finish, a doorway was converted near my desk space.  My  abode here is in a woodsy spot and gets dark sometimes.

It is refreshing to turn the corner and see some greenery and have a cross breeze in my small sitting room.  I have plans to make a large flowerbed to look at along with the ferns.

The gentlemen worked on this project while I slipped away to swim as I certainly was in their way and they did not need my assist.  I ran errands and bought supplies needed to make a meal to enjoy on the deck.

My evenings lately are spent there watching critter activity and enjoying my slider.  The bee balm is blooming more each day and a couple of hummingbirds have passed through.  Beans and tomato will be here soon.

The next project is a heavy screen door that will be off the kitchen, so I will have air and more sun in that direction.   We’re waiting for the door to come in, and bought locally to be happy with the product.

No doubt there will pictures and a notation about that event.

The light really makes a difference for me.  I will see if I can carry that feeling all day.


Feedback welcome!

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