One rooster in our flock

I brought home the loveliest chix a few months ago and every day I see a change.

From their cage in the kitchen to free ranging for the summer I have watched them line up to roost in their chicken tractor changing from 9 pm to now 8.  Two of the ladies find me whenever I plan to do a little yard work.  And they all are there when I am setting up their water stations.

One girl has seemed a little more aggressive and grew a comb and beard.  She now is learning to crow, and it is such a pitiful sound.   I have been crowing with him and play music to help him with this process.

We have a ways to go.

I also am happy to announce that my tall flower that Trenton gave me has bloomed.  Two shoots, also and we shall see if they flower together.   I have so enjoyed all my colorful friends this summer.  Many of my annuals have flourished in spite of a dry hot season and my chickens running around like crazy people.

After this season the fenced area will be enlarged and they will be introduced to their space in the barn.  They are free to peck in the garden as it is done, but next year I will tell a different story.

Notes and photos by Wanda Callagy

Two blossoms.
Thirsty birdies
Introducing Cubby my rooster.
“You from around here? Who’s your little friend?”
Color with a gift from Leslie and Kim. Nice reflections.
Relaxing evening here at the Gentlewoman’s Farm
Christopher made this for me.
Reaching for the sun.

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