In November I experienced the opportunity to visit northern California.  Yes, a ride through San Francisco up to Fort Bragg and back down the beautiful stretch with the beaches and waves coming in and bridges to cross over and hills and mountains with farms and flowers blooming.

I was invited by my friend Ron and he transported me from and to the airport.  He lives in a lovely private place in Santa Rosa.  We went for walks and cooked at home.   We also had wonderful Mexican out and I had Pacific cod fish and chips twice.  I read the news while there and watched a day of sports.  Went to Trader Joe’s and to the coolest Salvation Army.

We went to the symphony and to a museum.  We watched part of the election. We saw a play and an audition.

I met family and saw where Ron works in the mornings volunteering at the beauty of a theatre called the Raven.  He does the marquee climbing on a tall ladder and hangs pictures and builds sets.   He and I spent seven days together.

Soon he will start the rehearsals of ‘The sunshine boys’ by Neil Simon and then we shall see if I visit again.  This is a wonderful friendship.

As I returned back to the Gentlewoman’s Farm I was pleased to see the chickens healthy and laying eggs..two a day at this point.  The cats were affectionate also and ready to engage in play, ignoring the fact I had been away.

It was warm for a few days and tee shirt weather while outside.  Everyone felt light and happy.  I visited with neighbors.  The chickens were running around and entertaining the masses.

And then, it snowed.   You will see waves.  You will see what I woke up to.  Shocking to the system. Notes and photographs by Wanda Callagy.



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