It’s been….

A short glimpse at a memorable year..  Notes and photos by Wanda Callagy

Hearing music, feeding chickens,and visiting some beautiful sites of the West Coast kept me engaged with life as well as treasured moments with my sons, family and friends.  Days were enhanced by swims and walks while healthy veggies grew in a scraggly little garden spot. I often watched the moon rise from my deck. Hurts from losses and a political upheaval took up a lot of space in my head during this time.

In the days going forward for me it is so important

Looking to the West


A Capital Region Blues Jam on a Sunday night with Joe Lowry, Jeremy Walz, and Steven Kirsty with Al Kash, and many more musicians.

to keep seeking balance, to remember who I am each day as I look in the mirror, and vow to stay true.  Lessening the cruelty in my sarcasm and forgiving more can only enhance my time on this planet. Surely all of my relationships can use some work but its not at all just about me, due to the fact that as they say, it takes two to tango. So I pluck along.


I have thought of sitting in with the writing group that meets at the library and bring along this project.  Attending once the evening was enjoyable to hear others read their work.  Wants include more laughter and lightness in this life.  Watching over two children a couple of days a week has brought joy to me in the last few months and I look forward to more time with them, as they are now family.

All this and quiet early mornings drinking a fresh cup of coffee on that deck.

A surprise.
Slam Allen and his band in Athens, NY at Athens Riverside Park on the Hudson.




Windmills in Ontario
Martila Sanders and Gee-Q at the Michigan Bluesfest in Old Town Lansing.  This band competed and will head to Memphis to be part of the International Blues Challenge in January.




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