Just a coffee cup

I have been doing some spring cleaning, and decided to part with about half of the coffee cups I have accumulated.

There is the deep-fired purple cup a friend gave me a long time ago.  And one, given to me as I was leaving a job for another adventure.

There’s a few ‘diner’ cups given to me by friend Kim, which I won’t part with.  After she and I shared stories of visiting lakes each year with our families when young, I told her one of the memories was to come out to the kitchen and smell the coffee made in the tin coffee pot on the stove, to drinking out of china cups, both green and white.  We were fortunate to have grandparents who had a cabin on a lake.

And then there’s the rainbow cup.  A popular FTD fixture, sent to me by my mom and dad when I needed some surgery.  Only a scare, which passed, but my sons were little and I wasn’t sure I could face much.   Along with the cup and a loving note was an English Ivy.

Downsizing to some place a bit easier to take care of caused my move here seven years ago.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to return to my beloved Michigan, or on to somewhere new.  I have packed and moved, and carried familiar pieces of furniture and bought things as I needed them.   Luckily and sadly, much of my things belonged to my grandparents…a dresser here, antique dishes there.

As I age, I don’t want to leave much behind but some good memories to those I have crossed paths with.

However, I won’t be parting with the rainbow cup.   It reminds me of a moment when I was so frightened, but my parents (mom) knew and they were somehow right there for me.    As I pour a cup of coffee this morning, I feel comfort and love from those that left this earth in my opinion, too soon.

Savoring the moment.


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