Meet Liddle

At the Gentlewoman’s Farm lives a hen named Liddle.   She often separates from the flock to follow me around the yard when I am doing chores.    A month ago she was grabbed by an animal or bird and now she has a partial beak and a bit of a crooked face.  She allowed me to clean her wounds, especially on top where some of her pretty pink comb was ripped.  I made sure she could eat , making oatmeal which would of course be warm and soft.  She seems to have recovered, and seemingly a bond between us.   She now will run at dead speed when she sees me come out the door.

It has been a rough winter and often, the feed bags for the chickens are quite heavy.  The bag goes in the trunk of my car, and I put the feed into smaller containers until the bag is lighter to lift to get to the barn.  The little red wagon couldn’t make it through the tall snow.

Once Liddle caught on to the feed coming from the trunk, she flew up one day to pick up all the extra crumbs.   She talks to herself…rather, chirps, and won’t allow any of her flock to join her.    Yesterday she jumped in my lap before I could close the door as I needed to go into town.   She was a little insulted that she couldn’t go.

Today she followed me up the street as I left for my early morning walk.  I carried her back, finding a grassy spot to set her down in.     Later, when I do some barn work,  we will chat about the wonder of spring, and all the new sounds we’re hearing….

Feedback welcome!

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