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justanote, playing in the soil

Just a note, and that’s all she wrote with Wanda Callagy

Refreshment is how I describe my days, feeling my’ put on hold the selling of the farm’ here gives me energy to work. I have begun the gardening phase, busy buying seeds and going to bee workshops. Leafing through catalogs and dirt and raking leaves. I have left the raised bed covered to protect anything left from last year. Arugula will be new for me, as well as an aspara and gus bed. New chapter. Patience is a key as the nights are still cool. Garlic and more lettuces will be introduced to my usual loves. Berry bushes are beginning and time to identify or clip back. In the meantime,

NPR had a New Yorker hour. Yesterday I listened to some storytellers and watched the movie Exotic Marigold Hotel. While making soup I finished a scarf I am making. Knitting helps my mind to focus. Yesterday, I watched snow flurries. Life in upstate NY.



Sunshine out the window. Cool temps, in the 20’s but I will get out. I am sorting things and will make a trip to the transfer station. That can be quite a popular place at times. Seems I always see someone I know. After all, we all have our trash.

Later I plan a couple of visits. A library trip to plan and a visit with old neighbors in town. On Tuesdays I meditate with two good friends. Recently we have conversation also, and once in awhile it takes up the 60 minutes we dedicate each week but those moments are important too. Politics, local news, and family moments are shared. Usually there is laughter, even when discussing the most serious of things.

A couple of years ago a friend wrote a wonderful play called ‘Simplify’. One day I found matching pillows for us. Later, I visited him in California. We are now long distance writers that may catch up when he visits his home here in the summer.

My life now, in a bit of a whirlwind. The Gentlewoman’s Farm will soon be up for sale. Many changes with many options ahead. Bins are being filled as we speak and later I will find a storage unit. I want all out of the barn. But it has been cold and I have been procrastinating. And, quite busy inside yet. Anticipation, excitement, dread. More hope. Most days. Really. Off to find a little place with walking ease and convenience and public transportation close by. Dreams of a sunny spot with garden capability and room for my cats and me. Space for when my sons and theirs visit. That is what I picture for myself.

Pillow talk.

New lenses


Thanks to science..I have new lenses!   And I am seeing better, though I have been a little off/kilter due to the changes…all thanks to Dr. Bob and the folks at the Slingerlands clinic.

The disease process right now is ‘under control’ and after this past Monday’s visit, I will not return for avastin for 5 weeks…..

Sadly, my wild pink sunglasses did break, but I am busy shopping for another memorable pair.   They may get repaired, if I can find that man with the glue.

I am certain that time with friends and some wonderful music ( which is part of my health care plan) is a helpin with the healing.





Is the doc in?


Video put together by my computer, of the ‘Sunglasses’ I snap along the way.

This past year brought some health successes and downers.

The down side included some testing and injections and lots of worry about my eye health.   I learned about an eye disease and what I can do to slow the effects down. Sneaky onset.  Forever follow up.

I practiced at first getting around my little place blindfolded.  I learned how much clutter can throw one off and how much I have.   Car rides and driving are so much more intense now as I question all that I am seeing.

Felt a loss as I can’t curl up with a good book for the afternoon.   Limiting  myself now with night driving, and arrange events so that I can stay at a friend’s house if I am hearing music in the evening.  Put the cameras away.

Fortunately, another friend is making sure I get to the monthly appointments and I am so happy to meet my eye doctors.   They and their staff are supportive and friendly and just what I need.

So, I wear extra sun protection and savor audio books.


Chronic neck pain gets so much relief by swimming and working out and eating well.  Simply.   Lots of greens.   My time with a son who is training me to stretch and move properly has paid off in many ways.

Both of my sons are supportive and have great sense of humor.  They are good at keeping life light and me in perspective.  Having a couple of little souls to keep me company from time to time has also been a key.  I laugh at myself.  A lot.  They keep me in the moment.  What else is there?

Saying thanks for all learned this year, and taking in the newest of years as it comes.  That is me you may see in my pink sunglasses.







2018 Music.


Music in Albany at the Capital Region Blues Network Jams, acoustic picking blues in the Catskills, and visits to Hudson have been my favs.


Leslie Barkman  vocals and piano.



Kevin Chase and Jay Collins



Frank Daley and Sonny Rock






JV Cutter


2018 Sites


IMG_5044IMG_5019Photos by Wanda Callagy

I stayed close to home this year, and enjoyed visits from River and Trenton and neighbors.   Taking in audio books and having lots of writing notebooks kept me busy.   I gave away a chicken picture book and I will soon publish a trio of fun short stories for children and young at heart.  Another type of travel.


In for the evening


With  plenty to do, I am not at a loss, but for some reason tonight I am pacing.  I wanted to go out.

Blurry has been the word of the day.  And cloudy. 

Today feeling impatient with both.   The plot thickens when I think there is something I can do about it.

End of January I may know more about upcoming cataract surgery on both eyes.  Brightness is a guarantee.  A plan to learn by traveling the public transit system in Albany will no doubt provide stories.  I weigh the cost of an automobile with the opportunity to hit a warm spot in the dead of winter and I am leaning toward a week on a beach.

Rearranging my schedule to accommodate day time driving has not been a big issue as I can be independent and I know I am safe.  Big grown up decisions being made here.     Being physically stronger I have the energy to do some companion/client work, dog sitting, and my fav children watch me at least once a week.

So, I can’t get out to play tonight.

Tomorrow I am hearing live music.

For now I’ll get busy on those dishes.